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Child Protectionis our business

Everychildhas the
rightsto be protected

Vision: The realization of the rights of allchildren in Thailand
to livefreeof all forms ofsexual exploitation

Allchildrenshould be
protectedfrom all forms ofsexual exploitation

ECPAT Foundation Thailand

About ECPAT Foundation Thailand

ECPAT Foundation has been working since 1998 to prevent child sexual exploitation in the Northern provinces of Thailand, and initially started out as a project of ECPAT International. Due to the scale of the problem facing children, in 1999 the Foundation established itself as a legal entity, officially registering with the Kingdom of Thailand after completion of the project. The Foundation is a key member of the ECPAT Global Network joining the fight against all forms of sexual exploitation of children (SEC).


Our vision is the realization of the right of all children in Thailand to live free from all forms of sexual exploitation.


Increase awareness, participation, and capacity of all relevant stakeholders at the local, national, regional, and global levels so stakeholders are equipped to tackle all manifestations of child sexual abuse.

Our Projects

Down to Zero: Fighting the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, this project works with three stakeholder groups in the fight against sexual exploitation of children: high risk children, vulnerable communities, and businesses in the tourism sector.

Promoting Rural Opportunities for Children's Empowerment, Education, and Development (PROCEED)

Supported by Save the Children Thailand

Project Goal: To empower the most at-risk children, especially those from ethnic minorities and stateless children, and provide them with skills and learnings to protect themselves from sexual exploitation of children or being affected by early pregnancy.

Safe Migration: Rights for People on the Move

Supported by Diakonia Thailand

Project Goal: To prevent exploitation against migrant workers and their families and to ensure their safe migration into Thailand, this project targets migrant youth in northern Thailand to build up their leadership potential as they raise awareness and as we explicitly encourage both the government and businesses to respect and protect child and family rights.

The Online Safety Project – Protecting Children from Online Sexual Exploitation

With support from KNH, this project sees an expansion of ECPAT Foundation onto the national stage as we advocate for changes in policies and laws that will protect children, often with the aid of child advocates.

Together for the Protection of Children in Tourism in Phuket

The project is a 2-year project duration (2017 - 2019) in Phuket area. Supported by: TUI Project

Project Goal: To promote the participation of relevant stakeholders with the aim of promoting child rights to stay safely from sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

Strategic Objectives

  • Child Participation

    Ensure the participation and empowerment of children and youth, especially those at risk of exploitation as well as child victims themselves, so that they become active agents for change by influencing policy, shaping societal attitudes, and helping protect other children.

  • Child Protection

    Promote and monitor the implementation of child-protection mechanisms at both the local and national level that guarantee intervention when SEC is uncovered. (Provide direct support to child victims of SEC)

  • Policy Advocacy

    Press for improvements in both national policy changes as well as the legal frameworks that are put in place to protect children while firmly establishing partnerships with government officials, civil society actors, UN agencies, law enforcement officers, and academics.

  • Capacity Building

    Enhance the awareness of CSOs, government agencies, and private sector actors so they understand their roles and undertake actions to best protect children within those roles.

  • Knowledge Building

    Inform national efforts against SEC through the generation of knowledge, evidence, and grounded research detailing the scope, scale, and trends involving SEC as well as the best practices and lessons learned for us and our partners.

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